Sunday, August 1, 2010

Stephen Smith - good citizen

Stephen and Mary Smith with son Arthur J.
Stephen and Mary C Smith and their youngest son Arthur J. Smith are standing in front of the family farmhouse in Iowa. 
Stephen and Mary are my great-great-grandparents on my mother's side. On the back of the photo is some family history:

Stephen Smith had been a member of the Latter Day Saints church until he married Mary Catherine Frain.  She was not LDS and the church would not accept her -- so -- he left the church.  Later she went into the Methodist church but he never identified with another church.

At his passing my great-grandpa (Henry Almund Smith) was told that Stephen had done more for the community than any other individual.  He would plant larger crops than he needed because he knew there would be others who would need it.   As his sons got older Stephen did not work the farm, (his sons did that) but spent much of his time in the orchards with his fruits and with his bees in the apiary.  He raised apples, plums, cherries and of the small fruits, blackberries and raspberries.  He nearly always kept dapple grey horses. He kept a pair of ponies for uncle Arthur (who was 18 years younger than the next youngest child, Will. 

Before Stephen was married and was still living with his father, John Smith, --one night chief Fontenelle and his Indian's stole all of John Smith's horses.  When Great-great-great-grandpa (John Smith) suspicioned what had happened he and Stephen forded the Missouri River to talk with Chief Fontenelle.  John told the chief that he really needed those horses to earn a living.  They talked for a while and then he left with a good feeling between them.  When he go up the next day his horses had been returned.
Stephen Smith and Mary Catherine (Frain) Smith

Mary Catherine (Frain) Smith
Stepehen Smith

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