Sunday, August 15, 2010

Henry Almund Smith -a Photo History

I’m so glad to have photos of my great-grandfather Henry Almund Smith. He had his picture taken many times including the tintype in 1874 and a snapshot taken in the 1920s.  Henry Almund was the son of Stephen Smith (discussed in previous Blog). I currently have no information on his wife Ella, but then I haven’t looked much. They had three children, Grace, Fay, and my grandfather, Henry Arthur.

Henry was probably in his teens when this tintype was taken.
As he got older the hairline receded and he sprouted a moustache .

This picture is not a tintype but has the look of one.
It’s on a thick paper stock, more like cardboard.
Henry with his wife Ella (Travis) Smith. I wonder if this is their wedding picture

Here is a snapshot of Henry in 1922.
My mother was about 6 years old at this time. She remembered both of her grandfathers.

Henry is the one on the right. I’m interested that all four men are wearing hats inside

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